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Hi guys.

So I recently made a comment on this site and was lucky enough to have someone help me… just wanted to say thanks to that person.

And speaking of that stuff, I just realized how good it felt to start off new. Like meet someone totally random that could be amazing or someone that could be not so amazing. I got really lucky with someone really nice who was considerate and listened to my problems, didnt judge or anything like that.

And that person has inspired me to try and reach out more. So if anyone wants to talk for the sake of it, im here. I just feel like its better to change it up a bit, tbh im only talking to 5 or so people and I would like to change that.

Have a good day. And one last thank you to the person caring enough to help me.

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I am so glad, that you could feel comfortable here, and it made you reach out to people and even help them in their crisis.
Happy to have people like you here!!


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