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Hi guys its Christmas and Merry Christmas!, I have a problem. How to talk to people? When their are gathering because I’m a quiet type of person and I don’t know how to talk to people.

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Wish u a merry xmas,
You seem to be introvert person.
You are that type of person who doesnot like talking much
That is perfectly fine
But if you wanna feel comfortable in gatherings
Just talk to ppl you like talking to
You can talk to ppl of any age group any gender where you feel comfortable n good…
Just confidently speak on casual things to break the ice…

Like when u want to start a conversation with a stranger
U may just simply introduce urself and ask general questions about them

Just try talking on general topics with ppl at first…

You may start by just smiling or nodding at someone…

Once you get to know a person more
You can start a conversation on topic of their interest…

Let the conversations flow naturally

Pls dnt burden urself by thinking much about anything

Just do what your heart feels…

Good luck.
Stay strong
God bless


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