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Hi guy’s, I’m new to this so please forgive me if I say something to offend.
For a long period of time I’ve been feeling a whole bunch of emotions inside of me, I feel angry, sad, confused, frustration, lonely, just all of that. I thought I was fine but I don’t think I am… I talk about people in a bad, I’m starting to have anger issues, I feel a constant feeling of loneliness and I just can’t I feel trapped. This is why I’ve decided to try out this website in hopes that it can help me, because I need it, I just can’t handle this anymore.

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Firstly, you aren’t alone. I’m going through the same emotions. And I’m sure a lot of other people are.
These are testing times.
Maybe try talking to your loved ones, friends or family. Find something to do. Something that you’re interested in.
Try meditating too. It might not seem so great in the beginning but it definitely helps calm your mind.
I hope this helps.


First of all, it is good that you want to talk about your issues.
We all in this website trying to get help and trying to help others if we can.

After reading your issues, i feel like, there is an issue/problem(s) in your life which is/are causing all this. Because we don’t get all this feeling without any reason. These feelings of anger, loneliness, frustration are trying to tell you that something is wrong.
For example if an employee is not happy in his job. It is possible that he will face the same issues you are facing, in six months or in a year.

If you don’t know what’s wrong in your day to day life. Then spend some time with yourself and figure out what can be reason of all this emotions. What these emotions are trying to tell you. This can be a single problem or many small problems all together.

If you already know what are the issues. Then start solving them one by one. Tell your issues at here so people can help you to solve them.
Please Tell us more so we can discuss it here…


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