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Hi guys, I need suggestions! Can you define what’s love? As a lover can we expect a boy to treat us to prioritise? Will they feel happy to introduce me as his love to his friends or they want to hide it from everyone and talk to all girls as single? I am recently committed to one boy, he doesn’t let me to tell to my frnds that he loves me and he is being nice to all my female frnds. He says he won’t love any other but I feel like the girls may feel attractive with him. He used to say me don’t get possessive. Is it my fault? If yes, how I should be. Tell me guys. I am a girl of 22 yrs.

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Ha ji ap ye expect kr sakte ho

Nick @better_helmet

If he isn’t telling this to his boys that’s cool, but if he doesn’t let you tell your friends, sorry to say but it’s a little fishy, don’t react directly but try to ask your friends about him, maybe he’s approaching any of your friends, and ask him why he doesn’t want you tell to your friends.
Don’t make such decisions which you regret later on, don’t go too far physically, I live around boys all the time and I know how they think and what they want, I guess you’re getting where I’m going.


Well guys would introduce you had their girlfriend if they are really serious about the things and they usually don’t tend to hide their love
And yeah you Being possesive towards him is love 💖

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Bhavna P. @bhavna_pande

Love is a deeply personal experience, and expressing it shouldn’t be confined by rules or expectations. When we truly care about someone, it comes from the heart, beyond just the mind. If the person you’re interested in seems hesitant to open up, remember that everyone has their own pace. It’s important to be patient and understanding, while also being mindful of whether this hesitancy is a one-time thing or a more habitual pattern. Ultimately, true connection involves open communication and mutual respect for each other’s emotional journeys. Take care of yourself, and trust that things will unfold in the right way.

Take care,
Psychologist Bhavna Pande




Totally depends on context. But at least for me, I’m proud to call her my gf.

And love is, uhm, idk exactly, but I can tell you how I feel with her, or how she made me feel.
I feel comfortable being myself.
I feel peace.
I never knew I have so much to talk about, or to share.

And in response,
I also try my best to give her comfort, support.
I wanna give her the joy and moments she never experienced.
And want her to feel that genuine happiness within herself.
I want her to love herself, to feel that peace within.
I want to heal her, to make sure she always feels supported, kind.

See, I’m not the best guy, nor the best support system for her. But as they say “You can never find a perfect partner, but you can create one”, right? That’s how we teach each other, what we like, what we don’t, how we want the support, the specific way.

And tbh all it comes down to the common base. Why you love them? Why you wanna be with them? What’s that thing which keeps you both connected?

Think, reflect and then take decision.

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