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Hi guy’s ,I need one help from any professional or anyone who knows a bit ,
Me and 3 members in my home are not well from past one week , we are all relying on tablet’s it’s taking very slow processing to heal ,the fever exited after taking tablets then after few hours same problems , tired ,dizzy , body pain as I’d We’ve been hit by lash , cough and more but still we are trying our best to recover from this , but the main help we need is in battling the tiredness it’s making us week , I can’t see mom when she’s tired it hurts that I’m unable to help
So if anyone know how to overcome tiredness and dizzy please suggest some home therapy

Please help πŸ™

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it’s because of doctor on we are taking tablets


These are all symptoms of covid. Please consult your doctor and keep a check on your oxygen levels. Most people experience fatigue because your body is fighting something very strong. Please make sure you have a healthy diet. Make sure your mom and no other member exerts themselves. Your body needs rest. There are a lot of people providing with food services, plesse order from them and take proper rest. Your body needs it.
Sending strength to you and your family.

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Wanderer @wanderer_


This feels like Covid, so get tested ASAP
and the feeling dizzy and weak is a symptom of low BP, you should eat something sweet and good food
but go to a doctor there is no other way


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