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life @randomly

Hi guys,

I don’t know what is happened to me.
I got engaged and the person is abusing and all i try to break my relationship with him but bcz of some reason it didn’t break but the pain is always inside me and i feel. Low depressed all the time after that may be i became little rude with him after that but nothing is going great. So we had a fight and I talked him very badly he is trying to same the relationship but from inside I don’t want this relationship not bcz he is not the good person but bcz may be we are not meant to be each other and in future may be it will. Spoiled our lif any one have a suggestions or solution ???

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I didn’t get you clearly
Is he abusive towards you?
if yes then please leave
My mom stayed after my father abused her after engagement
She regrets it till date
If possible please end this relationship
It’s toxic

life @randomly

After that he is not abusive with me but i can’t forget. I can’t find my peace with him and also may be i have anger issues. But i don’t want to be with him. according to him and many people I’m not behaving well with him but I can’t help it. He don’t understand me. He blackmails me too that he will broke the engagement I said okay but once he realized that I’m not affecting my him so he want me back in his life like he don’t want to break the relationship with me but i also don’t want to stay with him


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