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Hi guys. I don’t have any big problem. But I used to be very focused and had a balanced life. But now I am in 12th grade and i have started wasting a lot of time. I am well aware of what I want to do( studies, exercise etc.) but somehow I manage to waste all of my time and I regret it very much and that makes me less motivated to the the next day’s work. Since I am in 12th this is the most crucial year for me and I think if I don’t study now all these years of hard work will go to waste (if I don’tget a good college). I have been trying to get back up for more than a year now but in vain. Also i feel that I do not have any good friends to help me. I love talking to people but I feel genuinely no one cares about the other person and they love to see other people fail. I am just 18 years old so I hope to form better relations in the future. I feel the urge to talk to some one about my feelings but almost everyone is internally happy that the other person is suffering from this problem. Please take a time to give some opinion. It would mean a lot. Thank You.

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Hey Ayush, I can understand what you are feeling. Don’t worry, you are not in this alone.
I used to be very academically inclined as well but I did lose my way somewhere in 1st year of college when I just stopped focusing on my studies. I stopped working hard for those grades. That improved in it’s own time, specially when I stopped stressing about it.
Maybe you can cut yourself some slack because of the entire pandemic going on. Maybe that’s the reason why you’re not able to concentrate much even if you want to. Do you think that can be a reason?
And also, anytime you feel like talking about anything…you can talk here…we are here to talk to you…


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