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Hi folks.!! I am stuck here in a rather odd situation. I have been dating a guy from my office from past six months. We both are from different cities and we both stay in separate flats with our respective friends. We would casually stay at each others place to spend time with each other. Lately his roommates started having problems with me staying over there. One of his friends asked me to leave the flat at 12 night on the same day when I was required to catch a flight at 4 am. The problem here being we all work for the same organisation. Now we have stopped visiting his flat from last 3 weeks and we meet at his place. We tried out all possibilities of shifting out or convincing his flatmate but it didn’t work. This is affecting my equation with him. I sometimes feel that he is giving more importance to his flatmates and is not willing to shift out. It’s getting difficult for me as we are meeting more frequently at my place. I want him to sort it out and get things back to normalcy. But he doesn’t seem to be putting much effort. What shall I do? Please help me out guys  Your opinion matters. A big thanks to this community for helping me feel lighter by sharing my feelings here.!!

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hey. I really think this is an issue which is quite prevalent in a lot of relationships. What you need according to me is a proper conversation about what is the future of the relationship and if he is willing to move out or maybe if you guys plan to stay together. Rather than complicating it more between yourselves, have good communication and figure these things out. You wouldn’t want him to spoil his relations with his flatmates as well as save your relationship. A balance has to be striked between both!


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