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Hi everyone, today I am here not just to rant but to ask for advice on how I can be productive. I have my internal exams coming up probably next week and then the final exams in May. I haven’t studied anything. I have been so stressed lately with not getting college placements and other future career stuff since I am in my final year. So I want to hear from you guys, about your approach as to how to tackle things at this point of time. I feel absolutely clueless and demotivated and don’t know where to start from :(

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Kageyama @inosuke


Since you still have a few says before your exams, I would recommend you to study at least an hour a day or longer if u want with your friends to make it a lot easier. If u cant understand something then try to ask someone who you think knows the answer or ask everyone’s friends which are Google and YouTube. Set a goal, and try to focus on one goal at a time.
-I wish you the best of luck.


That’s really helpful. thanks alot


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