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Hi everyone my name is joe im 18 I’ve been having some serious stress and anxiety issues which is consuming too much of my energy. I have a very bad past with girls. I’ve disrespected myself and disrespected them before i took action and changed myself, and that happened after something shocking affected me emotionally and mentally. To some this might not be a problem but when i talked to a girl that was 3 years younger than me we were playing a game on the phone and it led to her sending a naked pic of her upper body which was very uncomfortable and shocking. I got really embarassed and afraid of what my friends might say about this and how judgemental they will be. Few days later i thought about my life and how i was collecting events that I will regret later on. After the stress and anxiety i thought about what happened and other past events and i felt really ashamed as if i betrayed myself. I was so disrespectful to me and was disappointed of how things became. I cant look at my parents these days without feeling the shame and guilt after they have raised me and i did the opposite of what they taught me of morals. I want to forgive myself but it seems really hard to me right now. I hope that time will heal all the wounds i have. I can’t run away from my past but i wanna learn from it. And indeed i took action and started doing some changes that will help me create a better future. I want the support of others to know that I’ll get over the anxiety disorder and loss of sleep and all the other problems im facing such as stress, lots of crying, shame mostly, and regret. Thankyou for reading really appreciate it!

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Hello Joe. There are times in life when we do make mistakes, when we don’t do things which are not acceptable by us. Sometimes, we do it intentionally and sometimes it’s completely unintentional. Because of the mistakes we made, we maybe end up losing relationships or maybe get lose in our career etc. This leads us to over-analyze the situation and we keep overthinking about how “if I would have done that differently, then maybe I wouldn’t have been in the position I am in right now.” We constantly keep taking the guilt onto ourselves and keep blaming ourselves for everything that is happening right now. Happened with me when my best friend and I had a fight and we stopped talking, forever. I had made certain mistakes and I was guilty of them BUT where I went wrong was letting myself believe that it was all just my fault and that I have ruined everything. I used to get very anxious as well and think that “what have I done?” and couldn’t sleep too.
But it did get better and I did break away from these feelings. It took me about 6 months to get there but I did. What helped me in my journey was acceptance. Accepting the mistakes I made and accepting my regrets. Realising that I cannot go back and change my actions but what I can do is TRY to not repeat them in the future. What helped me was basically accepting that we’re all human and that we do make mistakes.
I am sure you will too get over the anxiety you’re feeling, the stress and crying. Just be a little patient with yourself and take time till you reach that point of acceptance!


Ok i just being frank
That’s really f* girl and its lots outhere but not all girl like that
Just treat it as spam emm u now like virus or ads on website popup it not ur fault shes behaving like that thats her choice but you have ur own principle and thought too right eemm little bit suggestion don’t overthink what they think bout u and btw if they think bad about u maybe they get the wrong stories idea just treat it as popadds and lesson :) have a nice day sorry if my word huts u or just too much


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