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Steffi @steffi

Hi everyone, minor issues are troubling me in my relationship, though the relationship is bigger than these issues, they just take away my peace of mind and Im filled with resentment. For example my boyfriend sleeps late at night and I sleep early and wake up early, I like it if he sends me a message before sleeping so that I could wake up to it and I love it when he texts me and he knows I love it too. But since past three nights he hasn’t been doing. Mostly just slept while watch a TV series or forgot about it while sleeping so it wasn’t intentional. But I get so upset thinking that he knows what I like still he doesn’t do it or chose not to. But the other part of mind knows this is my expectation and I’m behaving like do this or I’ll get upset which doesn’t leave him with kuch choice and he’s not free to act however he wants to. This is really bothering me. And issues like this have got us into a lot troubles.

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Oh I have been through the same thing with my boyfriend. I had my exams going on and i used to sleep early and wake up early whereas he used to party all night and sleep very late. He used to party with other girls. That did make me insecure. I told him that even if im sleeping, i’d like it if he’d give me a call before going to bed, even if it’s 3am so that when i wake up in the morning, i know about what he did at the party and what all happened. I know it sounds stupid but it did give me mental peace. We did have a lot of fights because of this because he used to think that i am overreacting if one day he didn’t call me or msg me. What worked for both of us was me explaining to him the reason behind me wanting him to call me. He understood it. So i’d suggest you to try and explain that to him and if he doesn’t understand then it means he is not too caring about your feelings

Shubhang @shubhang

Communication is the key Steffi! I had a similar problem with my girlfriend but then when she explained me what she expected from me with reason, I tried to understand and that improved our situation and we rarely fight now. All the best!


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