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Hi everyone!

It’s a bit long share, but It might will open something up for you.

Here goes my sharing.

I am around 9 years old, my whole family visit my पिताजी (grandfather) house, and I am excited to share me being third in my class, it is an achievement for me but my पिताजी is not listening to me, he is interested in my cousin’s achievement since he came first in the class and I said to myself that मैं अजय के जितना समझदार नहीं हूं, मैं बेवकूफ़ हूं , I need to show I am intelligent to get the attention from my pitaji. Since then I have been hiding my dumbness and showing I am intelligent.

Impact on me, There is a constant energy is been consumed in hiding my dumbness and showing how much intelligent I am. There is a CONSTANT struggle.

I have done many courses, MBA, mindvalley, juggling, guitar but all at medioker level, know many things but not being master in that. Since it was just to show that how much i know.

Even in learning something new, there is a constant struggle that I am not dumb I have to be fast in learning, that doesn’t give me the moment by moment experience and fulfilment of learning.

My business expansion opportunities are there but I don’t do them since it occurs to me as small. I deserve better since I am intelligent.

Relationship with my wife, I show her that I am smarter then her, which impacts her not being heard as an individual. She is always in a constant battle of proving her that she is also having worth.

My daughter : my oneness with my daughter, since she is good in school and a good student, I have a fear that she would know how dumb I am, so showoff in front of her. बच्चों को सब समझ में आता है…

My brother and father, they both occurs to me as nothing they achieved in life, I don’t respect them.

What’s missing is embracing and gratitude

Whats possible now is I can embrace people’s humanity. Not throughing venom on them.

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Hi, I am sorry that as a child you had to constantly try and prove yourself to your pitaji and got compared with your cousin. I am so glad that you got through that and became the strong person that you are. It’s so important to know that marks are not everything in life and don’t matter much honestly.

Even now, please don’t let this affect you. Some of us take more time to learn certain things and some of us learn fast. that’s what makes us different human beings and not dumb. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, you just need to know YOURSELF that are you happy with yourself about where you are in life. That’s all. You need to be at peace and happy and have a good life.

Specially with your life, it’s not a competition. You don’t need to prove her or she doesn’t need to prove anything to you. You both are equals and worthy of each other because you love each other!


Brother you’re awesome 👌
Don’t try to show your intelligent and smart… just believe in yourself.
If you’re trying to prove yourself to everybody you will distract from your happiness. Not a single person was happy with others achivements people’s being more jealous if you growing to success…

* Respect everyone but firstly respect yourself.
( If someone is not interested in you that walk away. )

* Stop talking negativity like dumbness n all. If you talk with your mind for yourself. Just say positive i am good, i am happy, thanks god for giving such a beautiful life etc positivity… (Your words create a huge impact on your life, god give us the power in our hands we’ll make it or break it)

*Make Your family happy by any cause. If you make them happy then they make you more happy…
. Like you said about your wife… if she said she is more intelligent than you… then you agree yes beautiful your are more smart than me. Your care about our house our daughter. Taking Care about me. Then accepted by heart 💓 then you’ll see she never say in front of you that i am smart. It make you happier 😉 inside… sometimes you win the game by loosing it…

* Do something creative that people’s know by your work 💪 and everything is on by side you.

Last but not the least you’re awesome 👌👌😉


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