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Hi everyone,
Im here to help and listen to everyone who needs an advicer and a good listener.

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I just posted something and I kinda need help


Hi there,
What did you post? And what kind of help you need? Ill help as i can.

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Akash Dalal @skybroker

hey, .merlin.
it is good to see people like you stepping up and giving your precious time. Thanks : )


I really like to help people who helped me to over come my problems. And its a pleasure to help everyone who needs someone to give advices and a good listner. Stay safe and your very welcome.


I actually don’t know what to do. My mind is a mess. And I must so easy to get angry so I often let my anger out on my innocent cousins who just only wanted to talk to me. And I feel like I anger management paranoid too because I feel like they are always talking bad about me behind my back that’s why. And I feel like that they always left me out and you know everything. And I always feel so ad about it. Like whenever I see them I don’t know how to approach them or get along with them. That’s why whenever I vent out my feeling to my parents they always say that I don’t have to overthink it that much. Buthe even though I feel like I am right but why do I feel like I am badmouthing them. Am I crazy? I don’t know what to do.


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