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raunaq sandhu @raunaqsandh...

Hi everyone I’m from Auckland, few months back someone in my family passed away and I’ve had good days where I feel happy but on the bad days I feel really lonely like today. I have my work mates but it just seems like I’m all alone nobody is actually a true friend nowadays, I’m an immigrant so I just feel like all my true friends I’ve left back home and I just can’t make any friends like those, I don’t have any group of friends who I can call and say let’s have a drink.
Everyone has their own group, Im just kind of left alone.

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raunaq sandhu @raunaqsandh...

That’s where the problem lies, I’m a huge introvert. But yes, I’ll try going out alone and try to have a good time.

Ritika Singh @the_unfotuna...

I’m from India, I live in India, I have friends… But they really aren’t friends you know!🥺 Although we are in two completely different scenarios, I feel you buddy. And people like us, we get sad because we expect things to be done our way… But the only person who can do it your way, is you. Find happiness in your company! Go buy a drink for yourself and have it while enjoying your favourite movie or music … You’ll soon find happiness buddy! I pray!

raunaq sandhu @raunaqsandh...

Thank you, it just feels a bit good when I read your comment, I used to love drinking with friends when I was in india, after the passing away I had left drinking too but tonight I think I’ll have a couple of beers and watch Netflix 😊.
Your comment just sprinkled some positivity on me. Thanks a lot. God bless you.


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