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Hi everyone, I wanted to share my feelings. I feel sad rn. I broke up with my bf like a month back because it was hindering my studies and my mind was quite occupied with the relationship. But we decided to be friends and talk like once a week. But we often have fights when we talk and we used to have too many fights while we were dating too. Like almost more than once or twice in a week for so many months. Although I didnt break up because of fights it was just studies. I am too attached to him to completely stop talking to him. But when we talk and fight that really wastes my time. And defeats the purpose of breakup- which was to focus on studies, not waste time and dont let the relationship or him occupy my mind alot.

Post anonymously?

You clearly know what’s making you stay away from your priorities, right? But still you are going in the same direction.

Take a break from him. Completely. After some weeks go back and talk as friends/boyfriend. If you think there is no solution to those fights, it’s much better to end everything than carrying with it and leading to disappointment. It will definitely take time but it will be over for good.


Thank you so much. That first only line helped me.


Great! 😃


sometimes we fell for the wrong ones ! if his love is hurting you and giving you depression just step back you will feel hurt at first but then u’ll get used to it and realize that u made the right decision


Okay thanks a lot.