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hi everyone,
i mean lockdown has been hard for everyone and i just keep telling myself that others have it worse than me as some people are on the streets without proper health care and some are even loosing their jobs. But on some days i go through a slump. Like a huGe slump. All i want to do is just hide in my room and not talk to anyone cuz i get frustrated at myself for feeling so down and demotivated . And most of the time i feel bad for eating. After my meals i would question myself if it was necessary to eat that much or to even put food in my mouth. I mean its been hard to look in the mirror especially since i do sports and weight and body image is stereo-typically judged. Yeah its :/

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Yes, the lockdown has been quite stressful - we’re all needing to think on how we can continue with our daily living but done in a different and safer way.

Food can be quite a topic - regardless of what age we are! You’d be surprised that people my age (40s) can struggle with food and their body image.

The best thing I can suggest, is to eat a decent portion, wait 20 minutes and see how you feel. If you’re still hungry, then have something but if you’re not hungry, then don’t eat. You’re not going to starve, right? It sounds like you do have access to food. Also, drinking water helps - when your body is thirsty, it can come across as being hungry.

Like a lot of medical people say - have a regular excerise schedule; even if its a walk around the neighbourhood.


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