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Hi everyone! I just want to share my problem…
this is about family(I guess?),…I know that they love me so much, that they care about me, that they will always be there for me but have you experienced being compared to others? that feeling when they said those words; “look at him/her, she/he is so hard working… but you…***?”, “you know what? (person’s name) is much better than you…cause she/he can do well in that but you? you don’t even have any talent”, “I hope you were not born in this world, your such a ****”, “you’re so lazy, really useless, I hope (person’s name) is my son/daughter cause she/he is much better than you …”, “look at your grades? your just in 2nd place? look at (person’s name)'s grade you only need a small points to surpass him/her, you can’t even make it to the top!! study hard!”, that words hit me so much…I’m trying my best to surpass your expectations even if I know that I can’t really do it…I don’t want to be like someone else because you told me to be like them, because they’re better, smarter, prettier, talented,…I want to be like me, just me, just being myself, that I don’t need to act like him/her/them…You don’t have to compare me to others because we all know that we are not the same cause I’m different, I’m special, I’m unique, I’m rare…I’m Jubiemyr not him/her/them…I want you to be happy because of me being Jubiemyr, being myself not because I’m copying her/him and acting as her/him…yes I’m trying to be a good daughter but is it still not enough???.. I follow your commands, I granted your wishes, I do the house chores but you still say that I’m useless? lazy?, I even study hard to have a good grade for you to be happy but why? it’s still not enough, huh?, I want to do things that I love because I want to be happy not because you told me to do it…I want to do things that makes me happy not just to make you all happy…!! 😟😟I know it’s not right to be angry in you family/parents but I can’t help it!
It’s kinda long, but thank you for reading it! thank you for your time…

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Hi, I completely understand what you feel. I totally get it. Parents sometimes do it because they don’t realise how much you are getting hurt by it. I would suggest you to please talk to them once very calmly about why you don’t like this and how you are trying to the best you can!


actually we are not that close for having a conversation like that…And even my problems I just keep it to myself because I know when I tell them my problems, I know they’re gonna judge me and blame me for that…I don’t know…aiisshh

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Every individual is different, unique.
Just give it a thought for once!
Quite possibly u could be that 1 person in someone’s life who silently admires you for what you are, and might look upon u to acquire any 1 particular of the qualities you exhibit.
Its not your problem and u need not waste your energy and time thinking about what others think of u, comparison is just far away.
BE YOU and continue to do so.
Yes, you can.


ahh…thank you…I don’t know but when I read your reply it makes me smile and feel better…thank you!


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