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안녕하세요! Hi everyone😇 I just wanna share one of the chapters in my life to all of you guys…
So, a month ago, while I am learning Korean and finding some study buddy…luckily, there is a website called to help me study the Korean language. This website has a chatroom on discord so I joined… There are a lot of section and the section called ‘’#📚-study-buddy-search’’ and because I am looking for study buddies, I fill out the form (to let others know that I am looking for study buddies) and because I’m a bit lucky that time, I finally found someone…I really thought that only girls are studying Korean, that it’s impossible that there is a boy who’s studying Korean too… I thought that my study buddy was a girl 'cause he’s a fan of a kpop group ( don’t get me wrong fanboys.🙂✌️🤞 ) hayysttt… we talk about girly things or something that girls talk, and do…and because I’m this kind of person who easily trust someone ( how to prevent, guys?) especially girls so I told him a lot about me and so and so and so…and then, one day I found out that he’s a boy… that time I am super duper shocked😲😱 . All the time I really thought he’s a girl and also the way he talks, it looks like he is really a girl…I didn’t expect that truth. Now, we are still chatting like nothing happens…but now, he just ‘seen’ my last chat…he didn’t reply na😌😔😟 I think he’s mad or something ( but I didn’t do anything that will make him mad )…huhuh

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Can we discuss on insta?


sure…here’s mine: jubiemyr_aroha

krishnapriya @kylie

Hi lm new here


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