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Hi everyone. i have some things on my mind. so im 19 and i have never dated anyone. i was at school until 6 month ago and i was okey but now i want to date someone but no one seems to be interested. and also im at collage now and i havent become very friendly with anyone . i havent found a group of friends. im upset and dont know what to do

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Ikr I’m 17 and I’ve also not dated anyone yet and I think it’s fine you’ll find someone even I’m searching for it


Hey ik it’s hard to open up with the people and do u play sports u can make friends on flied and what all are your intrest I can suggest u more ideas based on that

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Wanderer @wanderer_


Trust me, Join the gym, change your schedule, and study

That’s all you need to do right now
Whatevers is gonna happen will happen at its own time

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