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Hi everyone, I am in a relationship and I wanted to share something. For most of my day I feel quite anxious about when is my boyfriend going to call me or text me and it takes away my peace of mind. I like to talk and text more than he does. I love to have a short good morning call, and a short call in the evening and one at night and a few texts during the day. It’s not like it’s a rule but yeah I want to talk to him and this doesn’t come naturally to him mostly and makes me quite sad. He usually just likes a call at night. So this has become a problem in my relationship and throughout the day I feel anxious and sad and I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I’m tired of waiting for his calls/texts. And it hurts me that he doesn’t feel like connecting with me much throughout the day. It’s just that I want him to love me and I can’t make him do that.

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Cristen @cristen

Babe, you cannot make someone love you. I know how that must feel but trust me, you deserve someone who loves you whole-heartedly. Also, communication is key. Try to talk to him and sort this out. If he cares, he will listen to you and work on the issues

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Hey there! I just want to let you know that i have been through this similar kind of mindset and what i later realised was that “your significant other doesn’t have to be your entire life, just one part of your life” when you realise this thing, you’ll feel a peace of calmness and understand that you cannot control what other people think or feel. You can just control your actions towards them and do what is best for you!

Thomas @thomas

Being a male myself, all i can say is that if we care about someone, we take out time for them no matter how busy we are. so try to figure whether or not he cares about you or not, otherwise babe you deserve better xx

No one 111 @jarul

If you have a snatch, you will just have to deal with this. This is a universal x chromosome alone problem. You’re strong and your boyfriend needs to know why you need his attention ruin constantly. Which is something you need to address by self introspection first. Carrie Bradshaw would’ve said that you’re romantically starved. But that’s not it, its more to do with the lack of distractions. Single people can wander and text and flirt with a lot of people. Exclusivity restricts that. I’d say just find someone who will give you attention, your boyfriend doesn’t have to know everything. He’s already texting 20 other girls. Doesn’t leave much time and space for him to text you too.

Q @nm_user_1586183466999

I have never understood this. I’d like to. What do you feel about independence in a relationship


I have been through similar situations with not one but various boys , I guess that is how they are programmed , conditioned by the society to not express themselves completely. They take time to get around . You should test his intentions behind being with you.


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