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Hi Everyone !

Has anyone here tried contributing in open source projects or is handy with github?
Wanted to know from where and how to start. Would be a great help if someone could guide .

Thankyou :)

10 replies

Deepesh Gupta @deepesh200...

Hi i have one playlist that might be helpful to you


Really!..Could u share it pls?..That might really be helpful, thanku so much

Deepesh Gupta @deepesh200...

You can also get udemy courses for free

Deepesh Gupta @deepesh200...

Deepesh Gupta @deepesh200...

You can’t click on these links
How should I share?


Thank you very much. ^_^

Deepesh Gupta @deepesh200...

Your welcome
You are able to access?

lalit kumar @lalit1996

What’s your project?


I am a newbie rn…Haven’t started any. I want to contribute but dont know how to proceed.

Amigo First @amigo_anytime

Search in udemy there are so many open source projects with reasonable cost.


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