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Hi everyone,Everyone wants to fall in love,I also fall in love,he was very nice person,indeed my first love.veru supporting.
I was just graduated,he proposed mi, everything was like fairytale,both sides get ready for marriage.we had big and grand wedding,at time of my marriage I was 23,and he was 30.That time o know that he uses to drink.but didn’t know the severity.
After my marriage my father in law was so serious,so he used to not in home,either in hospital with my father in law or out…so we had our first time after around a month…but if I think,he never had urge to meet mi…or touch mi… publicaly,he WD b happy to show mi as trophy wife…but if I think now,does he loved mi…
Our honeymoon was great…he was caring,supportive and everything.we used to live in joint family.once I got in bickering with my sister in law,so he raised his hand on mi,fought with mi make huge scene and left the house for six days.that time was first time he ran away.before that he used to come home around 2 pm sometimes 4 pm,drunk.with some problems in his life.somewhere as Indian mentality,I thought I only have problem,that’s why he is behaving like this…I used to pray God,pls let mi get love of husband.sometimes I think my mother in law was problem (yea she used to bitch ,say things to my husband)then after marriage I was not able to concive,so I again thought that’s because of this he behave like this…drink ,and fight with mi…blame mi…I was idiot for sure…then after 3 yrs I delivered became pregnant…that time also he doesn’t bother about mi or babay,no mental support.i used to b sooo when I was right month pregnant,he admitted in ICU,first time for pancreatitis

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sorry to hear that you had to go through this. although it is common story in lot of indian marriages, but it is not right…hope you and your baby are healthy and happy now. and how is your husband doing now?


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