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Simran @st1199

Hi everybody!😁
How are you all doing?

I am back with new Tags and would love to interact with those who agree or/and seek more understanding and help from me.

I have gone through many thoughts and emotions the one thing which is common about RELATIONSHIPS is that you aren’t able to handle it because of he/she dumped you which leads to having stress/anxiety/depression (whichever suits you the best) or have low Self-Esteem and want to end life/Self-harm/too much involved into your partner that you don’t see life beyond that. ☹️

I would like to tell you something on this. Relationships are a part of your life, it doesn’t mean its the end of your life or that you are any less. Its just that the time has come to move forward either with someone else(after a period of time) and rather than forcing yourself into it set free. Everyone isn’t meant to be together. Understanding your partner takes a lot of efforts, getting caught and accepting mistake takes courage, being honest is important, expressing and communication are the 2 MOST important things for a relation to work for a long time. Compromising for someone who isn’t worth it, a bad choice but loving yourself after a breakup and maintaining healthy mind and positivity is important.

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Hey. Very well said, relationships are a part of life not the end of it. Am really proud of you and the way you manage your thought processes. It’s commendable and very important to prioritise yourself and your mental health, everytime over everyone. As mentioned, communication is the key! So together, let’s all make each other feel better and help each other become a better version of ourselves every single day. :)

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Simran @st1199

Thankyou for those words.
And, yes, together we can make this a better place to live in. :)


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