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Hi, circa 8 months ago i met a guy. We started to text, hang out… just to know more about each other… then we stopped talking he pulled away and i still can’t get over him. It’s like poison that is killing me everyday. I truly love him. It’s not lust, it’s love and i dont know what to do to move on. I’ve tried everything and did not work. Should I tell him? Just express my feelings. Maybe when i let him know I will feel relieved…


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Yeah you should talk to him. Overthinking by yourself will worsen your mental peace.


Just confess that you cherish this bond between you too and love your time together . And you think of him as a man just don’t say I love you . Guys mostly pull out after hearing this if he’s not been consistent with you. I can’t say weather it’s an attachment or love .but soon you’ll know if he’s toxic for you or not . Then decide to tell him wheather you love him or not .