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Madhan Kumar @arun_

Hi buddies, I am new here introvert in real life rearly interapt with girls and never had a long and close conversations ever. So i hope i find some one in this app to chat and to be friendly…

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Madhan Kumar @arun_

Hello super star we can be as a friends

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Rahul Singh @10001rahul

I’m single too… but not introvert… I’ve tried to askout girls many times… But they deny every time… God now’s… When will I get a girlfriend…

Vipul C @lupiv

Facts, girls are emotionally mature than guys their age. Facts, girls know there are 99% chances of finding a weirdo. Just because we belong to that minority of 1%, don’t be disheartened. You will be fine, time is the biggest teacher and healer

Madhan Kumar @arun_

Thanks vipul thanks for ur kind words…


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