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Hi all,
This is my first time on a platform like this to open about my feelings, confusion, and.
We were together for three years and from past two years we were in long distance relationship. And close to six months, we have been just fighting and not understanding each other’s point of view, feelings, and situations. Despite all these ups and down, we use reconcile and try making things work again for bith of us.
Two weeks ago, we broke up. He said his parents won’t agree for this relationship.
This reason has broken me from inside, as niw I feel I can not trust someone again, or believe their words. It makes me feel like I’ll be requiring proof or action before believing anything.
What is hurting me more is all the false hopes that he gave and I believed them blindly. And now I don’t understand how I should react to this entire situation. Should I make him feel guilty for it or should I just let it be?
I need an unbiased opinion on this.

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I have a similar experience , where my ex went to canada and then he changed and said that it can’t work my priority has changed i dont want marriage i want to focus on my work.
They always have reasons to go away instead of making effort to maintain the relationship .
My advice is to stay calm he will feel guilty without talking to him , stay away if he didn’t come back then he’s not thinking about you.
And if did then he truly love you just give him time to think

Kushagra @kushagra

Hello! From above context you have given its clearly states that you have tried very hard to save this relationship and now the inevitable happened so in my opinion you should focus yourself become selfish right now! start asking yourself what you want, make a list of those things u wanna do but couldn’t, be it visiting some Waterpark or be it having nightouts or anything… Give yourself priority enjoy living with yourself for sometime


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