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Magic @optimisticmagic0014

Hi! All sorry for ranting AGAIN!

I would like to say that I’m NB and possibly Pansexual!? Woah now that was hard to say! ! really need support and friends to help with me feeling that way so…I go to a private school and I can’t tell them because everyone will make fun of me :( and I don’t need that…I’m just so scared to let anyone know…My problem is too small I know that I can’t get support in real life either which makes me terrified!! I need love for who I am and acceptance! 😃😃
(Writing this I had an anxiety and panic attack I’m sorry) :(

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Hi! I am here. I am lesbian and I can’t tell anyone either. I’m so sorry you feel this way because I do too and the pain is real. I love you for who you are.

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Hannah @ivyaberdeenfan

I have a lot of thoughts swirling through my head right now. I don’t like my breasts or extra hair. I feel a little fat and ugly compared to other people. When I was younger I like some dolls, but I also loved to play with cars and action figures. I want to be transgender, but then again I don’t want to fully be a man. I don’t want to be girl either. I also want to be non-binary and agender. I want to feel like this or that, but I can’t decide. I question my own sexuality too. I saw this girl that was so pretty. I couldn’t stop staring. But then again I have never experienced romantic relations or attractiveness with anyone before(not even boys). I never have had any sexual desires. I also could be a romantic lesbian. I honestly don’t know. I could be asexual and aromantic. I don’t know… Can someone help me determine myself? Am I a part of the LGBTQ+ community? What’s my part? Are these thought normal (can anyone relate?) I also feel a little wrong because my parents say homosexuality and other genders(rather than man or woman) are wrong. They aren’t homophobic or anything. I’m not at all ready to tell them my feelings. I do have a therapist whom I go to to help with my OCD. I sort of want to tell him but I’m afraid he will tell my parents when I’m not ready for them to find out. Once I determine myself, how should I come out? How do I determine my self?(sexuality, gender, ect.) I have taken multiple online quizzes, some have a said i may be partly transgender or a lesbian or a straight ally. Or an aromantic asexual, non-binary… Please help me!😵

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Hannah @ivyaberdeenfan

Congrats! It’s great that you came to terms with your gender! Good luck with your amazing journey!😉


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