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Hi all,
Sitting in my balcony ,drinking a tea ,just gazing into the infinite white clouds makes me realize that beauty is indefinite. It could be beyond our thoughts. There are moments when we really want to block the disturbances around us, the struggles and leave behind everything by giving up. But what we forget is that ,this world is made too huge that it takes a lifetime to experience its beauty.Birds are chirping…wonder what gossips are they sharing.I sometimes do feel that curiosity about life could be a fuel. To know why ,how about anything could make every aspect of life wondrous.
Be thankful for what you are and work without hesitation. Every time I look out the balcony the emotions are different though the view remains the same…yet what we feel each day is unique. Being human the most unique aspect lies in imagination. Discover every atom in you.Learn to acknowledge everyone .Respect your life and take nothing for granted.
good day friends.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Thanks for the aspiration and yes, nature is beautiful and calming.


This post made me feel better. Thank you


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