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Hi all :)! i need some advice … so ive been dating my crush for 3 weeks now . And there is sort of a issue with his bestfriend i guess , so his bestfriend and my crush are very close with each other , they sit next with eachother , they play fight , they talk . So recently his bestfriend told me that she used to like my crush before i liked him . And honestly i wanna break up with my crush to let his bestfriend have him because me and my boyfriend havent talked to eachother in person ( we know eachother in person) since were very shy but at the same time i dont even know how to aproach him lol . im very jealous of his bestfriend because they do all those things infront of me even his bestfriend is bestfriend with MY EX . they even sit next to each other with the class i have with both of them . so i dont know if i should break up with him or whatever , So i need ur guys suggestions :)

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Hi there,I think it is a classic case of confusion. Because it may be that if he is spending more time with her and enjoying it and you’re getting ignored in that process, then that’s just how it will be. The most you can do is try to talk to him about this once, in case he is understanding and tries to figure it out. But my guess is that you guys are young, and still exploring. So, all I want you to know is, that dating isn’t supposed to feel like that. And I say that out of the experience. I dated this guy for the longest time, and it was always on-again, off-again for us. He was also into his chick friends, would spend time with them, treated me like I was invisible. I think, for the most part of it, I was just someone to get physical with. He used to say he loved me, and he probably did too. But that doesn’t mean that he treated me right. I realised that when I started dating this other guy almost 2 years ago because he hasn’t stopped loving me or treating me right. You’d think that the affection goes away after some time, but no, with the right person that love is still there. You’re seen, you’re heard, you’re cared for. You’re not made to feel like an option or the second choice.Even though I would recommend you guys break up, but then I wouldn’t know if you’ve run your course. Like, I don’t know if there are unsaid emotions that you guys still have to experience. Because if that is the case, then like me, you might end up going back to the same person again and again. 
Taking everything into consideration, everything I’ve said so far, you should take that decision for yourself. Because you will be the one who will have to follow through with that decision, so it needs to be yours. But just remember, how the person you’re with makes you feel, and you’ll know whether you should be in that relationship or not.


Hi. I think you must talk with your crush and his bestfriend. Yes the bestfriend may like your crush but does your crush like her back. If its just onesided you must not break up. In this realetionship are important just yours and your boyfriend’s feelings. But dont tell him just to avoid his bestfiend. The friendship is something important. You must understand each other. I hope you and your crush stay together. But break up with him if there is any chance he to like her. I wish you happiness!❤️


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