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Heyyy so there is a stupid boy who I crushed on and became really good friends with and he ended up liking some1 else and I feel like a loser who is not good enough and I can’t get over him I need help


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It happens with everyone like don’t get demotivated just cheer up. There are so many people around you. Think it from different perspective that’s all.
The boy did not know the worth of you. If you can’t get over here then how will you handle further upcoming tough situations. Everyone has to face it even me, you has to face it. Don’t think yourself a loser remember one thing if you will not become a loser then how will you try to win it.

I hope it helps you and if not then let me know. I’ll try my best to help you


It sounds better to move on and remain friends. If you never told him you liked him you cant really blame him for getting girlfriend. I promise he still loves being your friend, and thats more important. Just cry it out honey