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heyyy hloo hiii i was in relationship with a girl for last 3 year and i love her so much but last 5 month before she told me i don’t want to talk you or she didn’t talk me and i was in so much depression and pain i am student and i was not able to read but last few days i was recovering little bits from this but again she came in my life and she is telling i love you so much but when i talk her i fell so much tension so much anger so much pain and i am feeling i should not talk to her but if i am not talking i am flail for her but i am sure i will not talk her at any cost.then what should i do?plzzz if any body can help me?

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Neha @neha0

You should try to forget her and focus on your studies because she is not going to give you anything but your bright future is going to give happiness to your parents and if she loves you then why she had left you.? It’s not a true love


thank u so much mam



Neha @neha0

My friend had also suffered the same. I know how much it pains and it is not easy to forget her but you will have to. She was my Facebook friend and after she told me all this I was standing with her but now she doesn’t talk to me. I miss her but don’t want to tell her because she didn’t deserve my friendship.


She might be selfish as she had got help she has forgotten you. People are so selfish they don’t care about anyone’s feelings. They just want to time pass both of you has suffered the same.

Neha @neha0

By the way can I know your age? If you are ok with it.


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