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Tanvi Rathod @tanvi_2509

heyy… Don’t know why I am wasting my all time on social media. I am just running away from my problems,from my goals,from my dreams ,from people. I don’t even want to think anything.Its like life is stratching me somewhere but I want to stay here only. sometimes I want to cry hard but no one is here near to me there are somany people around me but I look so much happy Infront of them and even try to make them laugh,try to solve their problems,give them some support may be because I want something in return but no one understands. I was not like that in my past. I was focused I have somany things to do but I just sit like dumbo whole day. I don’t know what is this. I want to feel my parents proud may be I should start meditation. I prepared schedules for my day but never works.

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Ananya @anpvttt

Me too


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