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Heyy can someone cheer me up. I have got mah periods and I’m into really deep negative thoughts. I am just crying bitterly I am remembering my grandma whom I lost last year. She was my everything ever since my childhood and she left suddenly wid a heart attack. I miss her terribly. I am in too much pain. Please someone bring her to me. I need u nani please aao na mere paas waaps meko aana h tumhare paas. U told me u would be there always please. Should I go to her up there…? I wanna die dude please I need her

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She’s always with you and protecting you…


Its ok to feel like this when you are on your periods… anything triggers your feeling n then you feel this way… its fine.
If you miss her do good things in lide she’ll be proud of you! eat chocolates it really helps in periods !!

Try to divert your mind into other things… take meds n take rest for a while !!! You’ll feel better for sure 😊


Eyyy no don’t take any such decisions. It’ll make your grandma gel sad and you don’t want that to happen right? Your nani is always with you it’s just that you can’t see her. She really wants you to be happy always so never do anything bad.


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