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Hey you guys, feeling not so good these past few months,
Reason: i feel like time flies by so fast and everything around me is moving all the time and i feel like i need to do something extraordinary with my life, but i keep being productive like working but i have an empty feeling all the time i think everything happens out there and nothing really?

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tr taufiq @limiltless

Oh that’s very sad to hear that… But yeah… Times have been tough lately… U know… Corona… Ukraine x Russia War… But v have to stay strong in these tough times and shine through the world

Harish Grover @harry123456

If time faster then u r on rt track. Do not get0 worried


And I feel like sabki life me kuch na kuch chal raha h or meri life bs ek jagah pr ruki hui hai bhot time se. Sab aage badh rahe hai mai nahi meri life ek dum slow motion me chal rahi h or ye baat mujhe bhot irritate karti raheti h.


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