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Hey ! Y’all I don’t know how to even begin with. But yes I’m a boy. There’s this one guy whom I’ve been friends with but I’ve been having feelings for him secretly. He used to be my best friend in high school. But now we hardly talk, cause we always fight a lot back then. But he doesn’t know that I love him so much !!!
Now that we’re in the same college but different semester and class. He has been avoiding me lately and whenever I text or call him he doesn’t show interest and I get that he’s trying to push me away. But I love him too much that I can’t even be without him and he has became my addiction. How do I tell him that I live him even tho I know that it will surely get messed up ???
#crush #hearbroken #bff

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Heyyy friend in India people do not care about gay people’s and you know it very well how they are treated so just get it he’s not the right one and he’s not into you so move on and wait for the right one❤️


Hey! If he is not giving you attention, he doesn’t deserve yours. I know getting over someone you like so much is hard but it’s also extremely important to be aware of your own self worth. You could try telling him face to face but is it worth it?


Hey buddy I think you can just clear things out with him by maybe confessing your feelings but in a manner that he understands you. Keeping it to yourself is just going to hurt you is what I think. It is better to let the feelings out.


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