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Hey ya‘ll,
been having a fucked up few months with my 10yr relationship ending, the mother of my child going after full custody to get more money out of me and out of pettiness cause I hooked up with one of her friends. Also I‘m about to destroy a marriage cause I‘m the affair of a married woman and my alcohol, Valium and heroin abuse is spiraling out of control. Lockdown doesn’t really contribute to the shit that’s going on and I really don’t know what tf I’m supposed to do about all of that. I think I like the women (ex gf‘s friend) but I also can’t let the married woman down cause she basically gave up everything for me. I have no control over what’s happening atm and feel like everyone’s been taking advantage of me. Ex gf‘s friend using me as a booty call, married woman unloading her shit on me dragging me into her nasty divorce stuff, drugs constantly pulling me in. Life could be great. I’m employed at a company I’m going to take over in the next couple years I shouldn’t be feeling like shit all day but I‘d be fucking happy to just be okay. You know what I mean like I would be happy to just be right in the middle. Don’t expect to feel good or anything I’d totally be cool with just feeling OK…
Thanks for reading

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I see what you are going through. I am a kid so i I don’t know how to help, but I wish a good life from now on and i believe you will or can do just fine later on in life. I hope this helps.


That’s a really tough situation man, but I just want you to know with your ex’s gf situation you should leave it until that shits calmed down and out your foot down take some time to reflect upon yourself in that time. I know that’s hard when you’re constantly in your own head but sometimes it’s good to be in your head you know you figure out a lot about yourself. So yeah in my opinion I think you should just take a break from this situation you’ve been thrown into


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