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Hey … umm i dont know how to start this … but i feel anxious all the time after the day sets … its like negative thoughts linger around me most a nights . Negative about everything and anything. About my life my work my family … ppl around me … like what if i will be left alone in this world .

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I feel the same way too. I’m anxious and lonely. We‘re all alone in this world. I’m at this stage in life where I feel I have no one to rely on. It’s a horrible place to be in. Bc we’re all humans with emotions and we’re social being. And I know it’s hard but we got to do it anyway. Reality has finally set in. If we ever have felt happiness in our life please believe that we can feel that again but not right now. Try to embrace ur alone time. I’m sorry you’re going through this. But your not alone

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Alone Wolf @unsorted_boy

You need to interact with good people around you . Not the fake one they always bother you so trying to find nice people and look for good things in the bad parts .

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I have socialanxiety


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