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Hey. Two days ago something really traumatic happened. I lost control and went psycho during an argument with my girlfriend(now ex). She is the only one true love of my life and this happening with her has put me in a very bad place since the past 2 days. I’m not able to stop crying I’m not able to sleep. I’m not able to eat. I’m not able to stop thinking about her. She’s blocked me everywhere the thought that I’m the reason for all this to happen haunts me every single second. Maybe we would’ve been togyehr happily if weren’t for my over protectiveness. I had a lot of things planned for her this summer. I’m really so hurt right now. I don’t feel like living. I just wanna sleep forever or something lol. I hate this feeling of

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Dilly Dally @trueblue

Hey. Remember its a phase. It will pass. It always does. My advise to you is that take professional help if you need to. You are stronger than this and you will be happy again 🥰

Toyesh Monga @sardaarsaab

Just don’t worry everything will be alright❤

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