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The @devil_nawab

To all indian professionals how badly is a gap of three to six months before my first job going to affect my career??
I have just passed out of btech

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anuj @anujvohra

It doesn’t affect much in the initial years and as long you have decent answers for it and company have a requirement for that position

The @devil_nawab

My answer is that my current job is not in alignment with my current skill set
So i decided to take step back reassess and reinforce my skills , build a profile and then reapply for different job roles
While i understand that this could happen with a job i decided to dedicate full time to it
<I hope recession doesn’t mess it up>

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anuj @anujvohra

Dont worry…i guess issue hona nhe chaiye…continue on your current job …

The @devil_nawab

Hey just an update …i resigned to focus on upscaling myself
Basically.i was in consulting.amd decide to software Engineering i had done a one year internship in consulting and was ofter a Full time job in.ey as a tech consultant but i really.wanted to get into software but couldn’t kyuki utna sahi se idea nahi tha
So I’m planning to take a little time out and focus.all my energy into this and just hope the next i put a reply it says that i got what i wanted
Fingers crossed.🤞
PS : thanks for your response.

The @devil_nawab

Update 2: if anyone is there to hear 😂
I left job 1 at day 1 and took 6 months to get to second job
Now I’m at the profile i want and also double the pay package


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