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hey this is my first time using this platform but i rlly need advice
i dont hv the best relationship with my mom, but we love each others. she is a perfectionist and want the best for me, but she also has anger issues. she gets hella mad rlly easily at nothing. we’ve been going thru tough times, and as an only child, she gtends to take out the anger verbally, which i learned to not care about. i mean, how else can she express herself.
but today was much more.
she doenst usually hits me, but sometimes she doies. most of the time its juts a slap, but today i was being stubborn, and i didnt want to back down from the argument. u can guess where this went. but its not THAT serious. i mean its just a few more slaps. but idk what to do. i mean, she expects me to be perfect, and i have no one to help me tell her that its impossible. sometimes i dont even want to continue living, cz i have no motivations. nothiung keeping me in line. i have so many moral values that i let go bcz i dont care at this point.
what should i do

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Hey there , i suggest you to go outside with your mom to hangout with her and when she is in a good mood tell her how you feel . And tell her that you love her but sometimes you dont feel good about yourself when she gets angry . And also Whenever she gets mad dont argue with her . just listen yo her and whenever she gets cool tell her politely what you think . Arguing with your mom will just make it worse . May god solve everything between you and your mom .

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Simran @st1199


I could see you try to handle a situation in a mature way of keeping your mom in mind. That’s a good part so don’t think of negativity rather see for options that can make things better, right? You and your mom both be happy.

Ask your mom to take sessions for anger problems, as not only with you but she can do the same outside as well and they won’t unlike you ignore the whole thing. And it isn’t right to have such major anger issues. It can be treated just convince her to go ahead with these.


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