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Anonymous @hellohello

Hey, this is my first post here.
So, i had a pregnancy scare. The whole of the last week was pretty stressful.
The thing why i feel stupid is that i had got my periods twice since, around five negative urine tests, two negative beta hcg tests and have also consulted a gynaecologist. The thing is my mind is just not able to register that i am fine. This scared the hell out of me. I think my mother doesn’t trust me now after getting to know this. I have never felt this alone in my entire life. I need friends to talk to, I feel ashamed, i really don’t know why. I overthink a lot. I have lost the motivation to do anything. I feel like i can’t even remember the last time i was genuinely happy. I know i need therapy. It’s like every emotion is accompanied with crying. I have started meditation but it doesn’t seem to work.

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Sorry to hear that…pls take care of yourself. …hope you are fine now at present.emotionally, it could take a toll…whom are you speaking on your family about this

Anonymous @hellohello

just my brother

Veddiex @veddiex

You can share anything if it helps ✨

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Pranav @pranav888

Its okay! You are absolutely fine! Just remember everything is an experience, just learn from it and move on!

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Sree @slh123

Hey…dont overthink too much…you are perfectly okay!! You did the relevant tests & found negative…u also consulted gynecologist…then why cant you believe dear that you are ok? Just believe !!Just relax…dont blame yourself…just relax your mind…divert your mind into some other things …you’ll be back normal …


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