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Hey there
This is regarding domestic fights at home in Family of 4 people. Dad has a lot of ego issues. If he see his ego is hurt even slightly and he is lossing some arguments etc. he starts showing his anger. And he does this by not talking to anyone and not eating food. This gets worst sometimes. It ends with yelling, shouting and sometimes voilence too…
I have been seeing this getting very frequent since last 2 years. Now his this habbit has drained mentally rest 3 of us. He is the only male, so i think he thinks has all rights to show tantrums and get angry etc… But this how things get worst. We 3 also have some capacity to bear things…
I am so done with this. I need to go from this place.
Please help me…and yup now its one of those silent phase when his volcano is soon to erupt…

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hey, i can feel you. i understand you. i have been witnessing horrible fights at home since idk as long as i can remember. i have no good memories of the four of us together that actually makes me happy.
please speak up even if it strains your relationship with your father.
you don’t deserve to not have mental peace. you have your limits.
tell him this is not done and raise your voice.
take care xx


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

If i tell him this is wrong he should not act this way.
😶 He will first of all ahout on mom, that look what sanskar u have given to ur daughters that she is arguing with father.
😶He always things that 2 daughters support mother more, infact always.
Which is not true. We just feel that she is right thus we say…
😶 Whole situation will get wort and mom will be victim now… He will shout and yell. One he slaped her too…

So yeah i have tried this but nothing worked…

Bhuvana Vinay @bhuvana

Hey , here is a small advice! Just make him feel happy for sometime like cooking his favourite food, playing his favourite music or movie, using his favourite fragrance all over home! I know this might require some adjustments of the family but do it . After he gets cool down speak with him and explain your sufferings bit by bit so that he understands your pain… this might take some time but believe me he will understand the pain you are facing and he will change … this way you can maintain the relationship and the bond in family


Thanks for suggestions.

But, nothing helps.
So his friends came in. He was completely okay in front of other but as soon as they go… He is again in angry mood.

Food, music nothing helps. Whatever we do he is ignoring each and everything. Siti g in corner of sofa. Staring at screen or at floor…
Staying silent till he can… Then will erupt like volcano. And i am sure within next 20 min we 3 will be crying and begging infront of him to eat his meal. And will be sorry … When its not our mistake.

Bhuvana Vinay @bhuvana

Yes I understand your pain but please find out there would be something which makes him happy!! Just go for it! Try your best to make things easier while keeping the relation!! Or else the only way is to go harsh like ignoring or rising up the voice which eventually troubles the relation! Try your best to sort out things in either ways but don’t effect your mental health as you might be suffering in future


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