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hey there,
I have a best friend, who stays in some other state, I met him when I was in Mumbai, we spend around 2 months together, and after that, he was my best friend. And now when I’m back home, we often talk to each other, but we create a lot of misunderstanding every day, we fight a lot and due to this I’m mentally disturbed, and there are even more house problems which hits me hard, my exams are gonna arrive soon and I don’t know anything cause I can’t place my mind on studies.
I don’t want to live anymore, I’m so done, I’ll die if I’ll lose my best friend or if I’ll lose my studies, I want help :(

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Hey don’t be stupid ok? It is just a small problem in your life. You will face many more complex problems in life. So you need change your attitude… suicide is not an option. In your lifetime you will meet a lot people …even far better than your friend. Listen don’t let your happiness control by others. It is your life n you have make strong a decision… people in your life will come n go …the things that most important is you …so don’t make poor choice !!!


but I feel so down I don’t know what to do


he thinks that I’m the worst person, I have changed a lot in my life, I think I’m the one who creates a mess


Don’t feel pity for yourself…we can’t make every one happy .we all have our life, ambitious, family…still we give time to our friends …if he didn’t understand all these … there is no point for u to care about him …if he didn’t care about u .


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