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Hey there, How are you? I have something really important to tell you so if anyone of you is in a need of a freind or someone to talk, I would be happy to be that someone for you. Because I know how it feels to be alone and not being able to talk to people around you because of fear of judgements and lack of understanding. It really sucks I know, So let’s be freinds and talk our heart out. I would love to talk to you and hear you out.

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How r u …


Hey prasad, I am good what about you?


I’m good. Just a little bit annoyed at myself because I’m very sensitive to small things


Hey I can honestly relate to that I am also very emotional and sensitive to things. But you know we feel a lot and that’s completely okay. Sometimes (most of the time in my case) it makes me sad and angry and the worst part can’t even do anything to ease that, but I am learning to cope with my feelings and emotions by reminding myself that it’s okay to feel and it’s important to let go off those emotions. Keep reminding yourself that my love and you will start feeling better. Would you like to share what happened?


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