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Hey there everyone! I am a 19 year old boy
whose aim was to serve in defence force to be
specific in navy. However things went south. My
exam was scheduled on 18th April 2020 . I started
preparing for it from February but , few days later
it was announced that our school will reopen for
practical classes. Later we got our schedule for
12 board exams. So I shifted my focus towards
the exams. It was 16th of April, I came back
home after giving my chemistry practical and
later that evening it was announced that our 12
exams has been postponed . Two days later was
my defence exam. I appeared for it without any
preparation. The expected cut off for the exam
was 350/360 and I scored 331. It was my last
attempt. Now I am really having a hard time to
accept it. Whenever my friend or family member
talks about it makes me feel as a complete

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David Davison @ianome


All things will work out as they should. This might not have been the path you were supposed to follow. This world brings to us what we dwell on either positive or negative. It responds to our inner thoughts and until we can realize we have the power to choose our feelings in a moment, most of us live in disappointment. Take a breath and ask your inner self what you really want. Listen and when you feel a direction start to form. Take steps to follow it trusting the world to bring about the opportunities you need. Doesn’t mean we can sit idly we have to pursue it, but it will come to us if we do. May you ever choose thoughts that bring you peace, love, and happiness. With Love a Friend.

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Aleena @alyxali


As cliche as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. Maybe this wasn’t what you was born to do, it may feel like a weight crushing you right now but I’m sure your destined for greater things! Don’t lose hope.


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