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Hey ,
So umm , i cheated on my girlfriend (ik i am CHEAP)), i dint really love her , i was kind of sexually attracted to her , we started dating , we dint have sex and all but we kissed a lot , like a lottttttttttttttt , she just wanted to hug me but i wanted to kiss her . i knew she really really loved me , i just acted as if i loved her … then after a few months i started feeling guilty about it i couldn’t kiss her anymore , i was kind of ignoring her now , she cried and all , i din’t want her to suffer more so i just broke up with her (i dont know if that is called cheating ) , i just keep feeling guilty about it .
(this is what happen while we were dating)
1) she felt i was cheating on her with another girl(lets call her ABC) , i was pretty close to ABC we used to come in the same bus and we used to sit together , few ppl in the bus felt that i was cheating on my girlfriend with ABC ,so they went to my girlfriend and told her we were touchy and all in the bus , they i had a small argument with my girlfriend , i dint want her to feel bad so i just stopped talking to her,(i know that was wrong) , after a month or two i felt what i am doing is not right , i mean i can’t stop talking to someone just like that and ABC trusted me more than anyone else and i just stopped talking to her i felt really really bad , so i started talking to her again , she ignored me and scolded me in the starting but after a few weeks everything was normal , and the my girlfriend got to know that i am talking to her again , we had many fights regarding that .
2) i have a best friend (lets call her XYZ)
i am super close to XYZ , my girlfriend dint have any problem about her , but XYZ din’t like my girlfriend , she felt XYZ isn’t correct for me (she dint know that i was just using my girlfriend)
so XYZ tried to separate us but she couldn’t , she used to argue a lot with my girlfriend (XYZ din’t really have and personal thing , she just wanted me to be happy , she felt that my girlfriend was a bad influence on me) .
3) i dint give her a lot of importance like most of the times i was with my friends and avoided her as much as possible in the campus , our college management dint like boys and girls being together and they are completely against relationships , so i could spend time with her in college , she was brave she tried to talk to me i just ignored her cause i was fucking scared of being expelled .

i know ppl are not really going to like me after reading this and that is completely okay

i just wanted to confess

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What is most imp is that you have realised your mistake…
Now that you have realised
Pls dnt repeat it again…
Feeling guilty
Or letting guilt haunt over you willnot help you.
So pls forgive yourself
Get over the guilt…
N move on
Also if possible just apologise sincerely to your Gf.

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Simran @st1199

Is/was this ABC you were cheating on when being with your GF?
If XYZ is your best friend, how come you didn’t tell her this and if she tried to distant you and your GF saying she wasn’t a good influence on you and still you didn’t tell who ACTUALLY was a bad influence, you were wrong and please don’t do it in the future.

You have a realization and that is the biggest thing. You have learned and will consider and be more careful shortly. Never play with someone’s feelings. If you want physical pleasure so much then find those who are on the same page as you. Simple.

I hope you have apologized to your ex even if she will not consider it or yell or blame you. You should say sorry because you feel guilty. And just say what it was and be completely honest.


i wasn’t dating ABC , we were just good friends . since we were close , people started making rumors and my girlfriend believed that , but i swear i never had any such feeling for her we were just good friends.

I couldn’t tell XYZ that i just wanted a physical relation ship with my girlfriend , then she would start thinking that i am cheap and she is girl so there are chance of her feeling insecure with me , i didn’t want that to happen .

it’s not like my girlfriend was perfect , but she isn’t as cheap as me

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Simran @st1199

1. Then you didn’t cheat on your ex. So that tag doesn’t hold true here. Cheating is worse like using someone but in your case, it’s “using” somebody for your pleasures. Let people think what they want and don’t ruin your friendship because of that.
2. If she is your best friend she would have guided you instead and maybe you would have a better path then. I would have expected complete honesty and I would scold you for what you did and asked to apologize rather than letting go of the whole fact. You are in a way keeping your best friend delusional which is wrong too by making her feel what she did was right. Whenever she comes to know that or you tell later than now, she might feel like an idiot to trust you like this and maybe the friendship too is ruined. Keep that in mind.
Think how would you feel if someone was doing the same with your best friend?
3. Nobody is perfect but she didn’t do what you did and please don’t try to defend yourself in any manner when you are at fault for the whole “using” thing. It would have been applicable if and only if it was the case of “problems in a relationship” or “not working out” cases.


So iam intre

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Prakhar @polite_camera

No hard feelings as such…and don’t assume your gf to be some kind of a virgin angel… no natter how good u think of her…she is just as good or bad a person as you are


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