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So , my friends don’t like me nor does my dad , i mean idk if he love’s me , recently he told me that he dosen’t like me as much as he used to do when i was a kid(u have no idea how that feels when ur own dad tells u that he dosen’t love u) and its not just that there are many more things which make me feel that he dosent like me , he always judges me i hate that!!! … my friends are like , idk why do they do that , they text me when they need something and then after i give them what they want they are like gone they don’t reply to my messages until they need something again…

i just want everything to end as soon as possible 😃

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I know this feeling quite well. I’ve struggled for a long time with feeling validated by my family. Only when I make big leaps in life or win awards of some sorts do I actually feel they care. Otherwise to them I’m just the freeloading son who’s just using their place until I finish school.

Just please hold on. There are people in my life who can comfort me and understand me way more than anyone in my family. You’ll find those people and one day these issues will seem trivial.

In regards to your friends, I’d say work on finding some new ones. You don’t have to cut those people out entirely, but be honest with yourself and ask what they provide you with. If the answer is at all sinister or toxic, then I believe it’s best to keep distance.

Hope this helped! Hold on for better days me friend. You are loved.


ya , thanks


Anonymous, I am concerned, the tag says suicidal ideation. Is that what you were saying with, “I just want everything to end as soon as possible.”




Why not you start loving or appreciating urself???
Yes i know it is very easy for me to write.
I know we all need acceptance,affection,love n warmth
We all are in pursuit of all this.
I can feel how painful it would be when your dad said that to you.
I know it is hurting…
But see
Ultimately it is ur own life
R you happy with urself??
Do you like urself??
If yes
That is the best thing…
Keep loving n liking urself more n more
If no
Why dnt u like urself
Why dnt u love urself
Do u feel you need some changes in attitude or in ur personality?
If yes work on that.
Try to be a better version of urself.
Regarding friends ,
You know what
The life of ppl has become too fast paced
The harsh reality today is that noone has time for anyone else
Ppl are too selfcentric
Materialism is at peak.
My dear friend pls donot expect anything from anyone…
Just do what gives you happiness n peace…
Pamper urself…
Focus on just urself at the moment…

Good luck.
Please take care…


“My dear friend pls donot expect anything from anyone…” This is like one of the best things i read or heard till now ,
and ya thanks for ur concern .


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