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Hey so im new here and i dont know if this would work but still giving it a try.i have been in a relationship for the past one the beginning i wasnt that in love but still i loved him .we gad a breakup 6-7 months before .i was the one who ended it ,but i actually didnt mean too.but he was okay with the breakup and it was such a big shock to me because the ge convinced me that he was actually in love with me ,I thought that i was not serious and he was dead serious.but after tge breakup it affected me so bay seeing that he didn’t care. He started texting his ex that day only saying he loves her and stuff and tgen fo casual things,i used to gave panic attacks daily and was quite miserable .i cintacted him and begged him to be back together and that ill forgive the thing he did with his ex.I felt cheated on .the texts they exchanged were heartbreaking.but he refused to get back in a relationship with me
After days he texted me back saying he regrets everything and he was out of his mind to do those things ,as i loved him(i only realized that i loved him this much was because of the breakup)after talking we got back together
From there on our relationship is filled with love .i love him ,he loves me . But we are in a long distance relationship right now and its making things quite difficult
I need him to call me everytime,im so obsessed either way him ,ill get frustrated if i dont get to talk to him when i want too,i feel that hell cheat on me,i feel he has different priorities and due to this i compelledl him to call me i force him to do everything so that i can be at being toxic its not because i want to ,i cant help it.he needs PERSONAL SPACE and i dont want that. I feel he’ll abandon me again. He has his friends to hangout with and i dont have.the only person i have is him,and when hes not available ill get anxious. I really dont know what to do.yesterday i had a dream he cheats on me and i couldnt even breathe.we love each other but i think sometimes falling in love with each other is not enough

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aliya @swanky_parrot

Darling never date someone who has an ex! Telling u from experience, I loved my gf like a mad guy gave her everything , fulfilled all her wishes what did I get in return? She going back to her ex! If someone has this tendency of going back to ex it’s biggest red flag u will be miserable leave immediately


The problem right now is not about the ex.fue to these experiances im being toxic ,i loode my mind if i cant talk to him.he loves me im sure of that .we live each other more than ever before the breakup it was nothing.i feel like im being controlling to him and i dont want that i want him all to myself its not fair,i know but i cant help it. His friends are also not that good right now .he always wants to spend time with his frnds he loves me that i know but i fear that always hell find someone new.i cant stop obsessing about him


Feeel like we dated the same guy. Been there in the exact same situation. In my case it’s not ex but some people he had a dirty past with. Is he from forces by any chance. Feel free to contact and talk. I hope I can help you


Hey first of all you need to understand your feelings your emotions nd from you statement i predict that as of now you are not able to trust him , nd it happens when the person cheats you then it becomes defficult to trust that person again, however this is life here no one will be with you till your last breath bcoz every relationship cheats us at one point of life, nd i can tell this bcoz I have seen my nana’s suffering after my Nani’s death, so i would like to tell you only one thing that prioritise yourself, focus on ur personal growth nd if you are not able to trust him or if you are not happy with him or anything else then first talk to him try to make this relationship work but if you are suffering everyday as you said then it’s better to take a break nd understand that you exactly you want bcoz in this situation as you said you are not able to give him space bcoz of ur insecurity nd all so all these things gradually weak ur bond with him so before the things got more deteriorated you should take the right decision nd for that you should be mentally or emotionally stable nd to achieve that stability you should understand your emotions first , remember one thing you are your own responsibility so if you are not happy you can’t make ur partner happy.


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