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Sara @sara9925

so i realized that my 4 year relationship is gonna go down the drain…
because he is going to join navy and m hell insecure of him cheating on me .he never discussed this or thought about joining navy. Its just he got opportunity and he did because he want government job.
i am a person who want nothing more than love,care,attentiion.but these all things will be missing from now on . he was always the first person i used to share my happiness and sadness and deepest thoughts. Now he will not be there for me .in starting u know it feels empty when u r dependent on someone.
I am hell insecure about he cheating on me when he will be on ship with some corrdinate or new girl from new city.
what if he is feeling down and some girl become close to him.
i wanted a normal life with him.we were already in long distance because of corona.these thing will make it worsen.

the issue is i will not be able to reach to him in time of need .he wont be able to calm my emotions or be there to calm me down.
as all of this is by day my fears are increasing like what if he dont call me ?what if he cheat behind my back and what if he had affair with coordinate?

what if he never tells mme about all this?what if he change ?

u know in navy they dnt allow to use phone .i know we ll get distant and i m kinda person who just call him 4-5 times daily or msg him. what if this distance bring the 3rd person in between.
I am so scared about what if he stop contacting me suddenly.
i believe the relationship was as perfect as i could ask for but now i feel it is going down the drain .
i feel someone will seduce him or he will get drunk and cheat or someone would become emotionally close and have affair.
i being here wanted to try my best to stay loyal to him but what if i am loyal here and there he cheated on me i would be broken .

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Girl you have insecurities . Talk to your partner about it. See how he responds from there.

Sara @sara9925

he is trying to make me believe in him but u see me being controlling type its hard for me to drop all things to faith and him ,trust him blindly .i trusted once and i fall on my face .so i m not able to believe whatever he says coz it feels very bad when u trust and that is broken .i talked to him .he tried hard to convience me .but u see inside me now thinks…its all me i have to change my path now.
i dont want to be at disadvantage,tht other person is enjoying while i am waiting for him.but its hard to leave him- this emotional attachment sucks


Looks like you are dependent on him. I might sound harsh but I will say this. It’s not good to rely only on him. You look like you are in the relationship because of your need for him. I want you to consider this for a second, are you there only because of what he does for you? Say you dealt with your insecurities and the need for emotional care. Would you still want to have him? Also, nothing more than love, care, and attention? Those are literally the most valuable things. Tell him you love him. Tell him you will wait for him. Be honest tell him everything you are feeling. If cheats on you. That’s not exactly someone you want to marry. Ask him if he loves you and why? This is going to suck for sure. I wish you the best of luck!

Sara @sara9925

I was there with him in start of what he used to do for me but slowly in lockdown it is more than that when he stopped doing those things,i realised it was emotional attachments . i feel i will never lovee as much i love him and i invested too much of everything in him. (2)yes i want to be with him but i dont want to be the person to be waiting for him while he is enjoying there.equal efforts should be there 3)you r right.if he cheats he isnt right.sad thing is this process of slowly going far away from each other.the distance between us and the love fading .see u slowly lose the thing which meant a lot to u…4)he says a lot tht he will not cheat but i being an overthinker cant put my brain to rest and trust him .
i feel what if i waste my youth on him and he cheat on me in the end i will be left nowhere .


Long distance is not fr everyone so if u cant trust leave bcs its toxic nd depressing


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