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hey so i feel a connection with a guy i like him and he likes me too but we both have ego issues and we end up fighting and so many times i’ve decided not to talk to him but for some reason or idk what we end up talking again and sorting things out between us. i really wanna date him because he affects me a lot and i feel a connection i’ve never felt like this for a guy before we fight like kids but we end up sorting out everything, but i really don’t wanna get cheated or played this time just like my last relationship. ugh idkkk what to do.

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That’s cute, fights are very common in relation and also you are sorting them that’s good
To not get played just be smart enough to know by observing his behaviour, his words or how he acting can he introduce you to their family or friends all these things may help.


Just be honest with him, tell him how you feel. Maybe you two will get together, and if not that’s OK too. Not everything works out, but not everything fails. You can’t win a race if you don’t enter it right? You’ve got to try. I hope it goes well and this helps even a little! :)


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